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About IFDM: Digital Marketing Academy In Chennai, Ambattur

IFDM provides Digital Marketing Course in Chennai and was created by a startup agency named “LAKMAA DIGITAL” to address the challenges in shortage of the right skill sets that are required to face the real-world challenges in the digital marketing industry. 

IFDM curriculum was created to address the skill sets that are most needed for professionals working or doing business for any company from basic to advanced digital marketing activities.

IFDM is emerging to be the best digital marketing training institute in Chennai and currently serving students from all over Chennai and its nearby places.

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Our Digital Marketing Course Covers

Content Writing

We assure you that upon completing our course, you'll possess the expertise and self-assurance to craft top-notch content and craft an effective content marketing strategy.

Lead Generation & Conversion

Our students acquire diverse strategies for enticing potential customers, guiding them through the sales funnel, and ultimately transforming them into loyal clients.

A.I Tools

AI is here, it is aggressively taking over all industries in how certain tasks are handled so far, we teach how to use AI tools to be efficient in digital marketing space.

Video Marketing

Video marketing plays a vital role in today's brand presence, whether it's a personal brand or an enterprise, video marketing is great tool to monetize.

IFDM Digital Marketing Masterclass Curriculum

In this module, we will have a theoretical explanation of the basics of digital marketing, and how it is evolved from our traditional marketing. Also, we will look into the types of digital marketing that has been in practice currently.


In this module, we will look into different digital marketing topics, digital marketing can be broadly broken into 8 main categories including Social media marketing, Influencer marketing, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, Content marketing(Youtube, Blogging), Search engine optimization (SEO), Paid advertising (PPC, SEM, etc.), and Mobile Marketing(SMS, App-based marketing, WhatsApp marketing).

In this SEO training module, we will look into - Why we need SEO, Types of SEO, in-depth concepts of SEO(search engine optimization), Evolution of SEO practices, Black Hat and White Hat techniques, Google Algorithm Evolution, Important factors determining SEO success, and much more.

Before jumping into performing search engine optimization, it is better to know how websites are made and the most important parts of it. In this module, we will explain to you practical classes on how to install WordPress to the hosting server for a given domain. You will practically create space in hosting, install WordPress and connect the domain with it.


In this module, we will discuss what are On-Page SEO factors needs to be addressed when performing SEO.

The most important factors are Meta Titles, Keywords and Description, Page Speed, Internal links, Content Quality, image optimization and Alt tags, URL redirecting, HTTPS vs HTTP, website mobile optimization, site architecture, and breadcrumbs.


The second most important part of SEO is what we perform outside the website, we will discuss and practice different Off-page SEO practices like a directory listing, guest blogging, social media, link building and much more.


There are tools provided by Google to get in-depth data of our website to analyze SEO and optimize it better. The tools are Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

We will see all tools in practical sessions on how to install them and use them. This part will be an exercise for you to install and work on them on the website you have created.


In this module, we will show you the available top paid SEO tools available in the market and how to use them to analyze SEO factors.


When it comes to social media marketing, most people will always point only the social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

But there are other formats of social media network sites that helps reach our audience which includes Media sharing sites: Instagram, Youtube, Discussion Forums like Reddit, Quora, Bookmarking and content curation sites like Pinterest, Consumer Review Sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Zomato, Blogging and publishing Sites like Medium, YourStory.

In this module, we will see how important is to get engaged via Facebook groups and Facebook business pages and how to utilize free groups to generate leads for your business


Facebook Ads was one of the most important advertisement platforms used by many marketers around the world, for most B2C marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads are effective ways to engage and generate leads for their business. In this module, we will see how
Facebook ads are created with different types of Ad configs and how to run them.

In this module, we will see how to create business pages, how to grow the LinkedIn network, and how to promote your business in LinkedIn using LinkedIn Ads and the types of ads available. LinkedIn is considered to be the best B2B platform to reach a higher category professional audience.


In the module, we will discuss why content marketing is important and how it helps generate leads for businesses. On a broad scale, content marketing is not just restricted to Youtube and Blogging, it can be social media too, anything anywhere, you use content to acquire engagement, that is part of content marketing. The practical topics you have learnt in previous SEO and social media marketing classes will help you with content marketing strategies.


In this module, we will have more practical classes on how search engine marketing works, and the types of ads that can run on search engines and their associated platforms like YouTube, and affiliated websites.


In this module, we will have more practical classes by running ads on Google search, display and video networks. We will walk you through different types of ads(search, display, video and shopping ads), bidding(CPC, CPM, maximize clicks, maximize conversions).

You will configure a Google Ads account and will learn how to measure ad conversions too.

In this module, we will look into the types of YouTube ads available from the Google Ads platform and how to configure them.


In this module, we will teach you how to create a Google My Business Map listing for a business and how to generate leads using it and at the same time monitor business reputation by getting reviews.


In the module, we will look into how influencers help get along with the marketing of a product or service. This is considered to be one of the powerful digital marketing methods in social media.


In this module you will know how affiliate marketing works and what kind of business use affiliate marketing and its impact on sales


In this module, we will see different methods of mobile marketing and how it is done. Also, we will why mobile marketing is very much important in digital strategy. The most important methods are SMS marketing, WhatsApp marketing, App based marketing.

In this module, we will show you different types of easy-to-use image editing tools available for free, which are used by many digital marketers to create ad copies or beautiful posters and much more.


In this module, we will look into different tools that are rapidly being adopted in the digital marketing field and the impact of A.I on SEO & digital marketing.


Course Duration

To know the updated schedule for batches, please check with our academic coordinator.

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Tools & Platforms Covered

IFDM Digital Marketing Course Fees In Chennai

Affordable and impactful, IFDM’s course offers expert training by agency leaders, hands-on experience, and recognized digital marketing certifications. Stand out with real-world practice as we provide additional funds for live ad campaigns. Transform your digital marketing career with IFDM’s straightforward and effective approach. 

Get Trained & Qualify for Best Digital Marketing Internship in Chennai

  • Join our training program to gain the skills needed for success. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to intern with “Lakmaa Digital,” a leading digital marketing agency. Unlock your potential and launch your digital marketing career with hands-on experience.
  • This is a great opportunity for those who want to gain work experience as soon as they complete the digital marketing course.

Course Mode & Placement

  • We always believed in classroom training that can impact a lot in skilling, communication, and networking, that is why our digital marketing courses are complete offline courses available in Chennai, Ambattur. But in the future, we are also considering online batches.
  • Regarding placement opportunities, We don’t simply promise candidates that we will provide 100% placement just for the sake of getting candidates to join our program, instead we equip them with the right skills, confidence, job search skills, private groups for job search, utilizing LinkedIn job search opportunities and much more, complete career guidance with placement assistance is provided along with internship opportunities.
  • So, if you are looking for a Digital Marketing Course with placement in Chennai, look no further reach out to us, and don’t go behind fake promises, our program will give you 200% confidence in landing a better-salaried job within two months of our internship period.

Digital Marketing Certification Course In Chennai

IFDM, stands out as a leading institution offering a Certified Digital Marketing Professional course. Specializing in digital marketing certification in Chennai, our program covers the essentials of the digital landscape. IFDM ensures participants are equipped with the necessary skills in SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and analytics. As a trusted provider of digital marketing education, our courses cater to individuals seeking a digital marketing certification course in Chennai. Join IFDM for a transformative learning experience and become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

Students Google Reviews

I recently completed the Digital Marketing course in Lakmaa Digital. One of the best digital marketing agency.

Ajit Kumar Working Professional

Best Digital Company to learn with practical experience.

Parthiban Content Writer

Good learning experience, the best digital marketing course in Ambattur.

Lokesh Business


Who Can Take This Digital Marketing Training Course?

This digital marketing training course is suitable for those freshers who want to take digital marketing as their career, or sales and direct marketing professionals who want to upgrade or switch their career, or business owners who want to learn digital marketing skills to market their product or service, or women entrepreneur who wants to take her business online.

Do We Provide Job Assitance?

Yes, we do provide job assistance, we can share your resume with our network of digital marketing hiring professionals, also can guide you on how to prepare for interviews, but we are 1oo% sure, on completion of couse exercise, you will get confident enough to attend and crack the interview in the first try itself.

Was training institute located in prime location?

Our institute is located in Ambattur. Frequent bus and train transportation is available within walkable distance, we already have candidates who come from Anna Nagar, Vadapalani, T-Nagar, Avadi, and many other places in Chennai and surrounding areas.

How to Change my Photo from Admin Dashboard?

Yes, our digital marketing training program includes a dedicated module that provides practical training on this subject.

Do We Provide Course Completion Certificate?

Yes, the program includes certain exercises on each module, on successful completion of all exercise at the time of course completion, will automatically eligible for course completion certificate

Was The Institute Available In Other Parts Of Chennai or Tamilnadu?

Right now, the digital marketing training institute is only available in Ambattur, Chennai.

Can I Get Internship After Course Completion?

Those who are interested in taking up an internship with our agency can take an internship for about 2 months, during that period the candidate will go through the complete live projects working module which will help them in the interview process.

Does IFDM provide social media marketing training In Chennai?

Yes, our digital marketing training program includes a dedicated module that provides practical training on social media marketing.
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